Nail Art

I've decided to post my nail art journey! Any ideas? Just ask =D and I'll try to get around to it.

I’ve been away for ages due to intense studying. AND I HAVE MISSED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, Thanks so much for following!

I have also fallen out of the kpop scene momentarily (eeek) any SUGGESTIONS for nail art (kpop or not) that I should start with?! Message me and let me know guys :D

Some henna and henna inspired nail art =]

Haven’t uploaded in a while eeek! =|
Hope you like it =] 

Some polka dot nails :)

Some polka dot nails :)

Random summer nails

Random summer nails

CL - Baddest Female Nails

O.m.g I cant believe this talent. RACHAEL IT LOOKS LIKE A PHOTO! I just HAD to reblog

O.m.g I cant believe this talent. RACHAEL IT LOOKS LIKE A PHOTO! I just HAD to reblog

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Soooo exams are over \O/
I get to my nail varnishes and they’re dried up and sticky -____-

Anywhoos, I was asked to do these by b2utyfulbananasbf =]
I just picked up on a few things from a few videos and pictures. I hope you like it =D 

I absolutely ♥ how you do your inspired nail art!! Each post on your blog is just amazingly beautiful C;. Do you think you can do B1A4 inspired nails?
thatdimpleface thatdimpleface Said:

Heya! Thank you soooo so much :) I really appreciate it. Right now I’ve got exams on but I’ll be sure to do them after in about two weeks. Any particular song or songs?

Was asked to do this for the BAP pacific tour by iiblu3
Thanks for the idea, I havent done a tutorial before so I’m not sure if it will be very helpful. I tried pahaha. 
Sorry it took so long for me to get round to them and they’re kinda messy =|

Set 1:
1. Paint a background colour
2. Use any kind of pin or wooden stick to dip into some nail varnish and…
3. Write BAP (I forgot the dots in between…. fail -___-) 
4. Use a thin brush if you have one (or try with the stick) 
    using the same colour as your background and…
5. Drag a line through the letters 

Set 2:
1. Place a background colour
2. Use a thin brush to draw an “n” shape (kinda like a moustache) 
3. And then a Huge curved “n” ontop to make a bean shape 
4. Fill in the area and draw 6 dots beneath (like on a domino) and ears (my nails aren’t long enough pahah) 
5. Use the pin to make the eyes with the same colour as your background. Place them kinda beneath the ears 

Set 3:
1. Background colour
2. Use a pin to write BAP in a colour
3. Use a different colour to carry on writing the “by”

Set 4:
Kind of a random one .. I just really liked his earrings in that video XD 

Last picture… Some BAP nails I did a while back just incase you have lots of time and patience XD 

Hopefully it made sense